Patient Participation Group

The patient Participation Group is runs by a group of volunteers and is independent 




All Patients of the Practice, the Doctors and Practice Staff.


To provide a working partnership between patients, partners and all practice staff, with at least 4 Group meetings per annum.


  • To represent all patients and try to have a cross-section of all ages in the Group.
  • To provide patient feedback, including carrying out surveys. This also covers exploring the changing needs of patients, being involved in new health strategies and the design of new services and initiatives, bearing in mind the need for more health education and the numbers of patients in outlying areas.
  •  To help improve communications between the practice, patients and communities served.
  •  To offer practical help when appropriate, for example making sure patients are comfortable at flu clinics.


These are the Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary


This Constitution may be amended by a resolution passed at a Group Meeting of which proper notice shall have been given to all members, by a majority of the members present and voting.


Why not get involved and help improve and develop services at your practice?

We are looking for patients across all age groups and from all cultural backgrounds to join the PPG and to have a say in how the practice is run.

Please use the contact form to express your views or interest in becoming a member.

We would love to hear from you!